Cremation urns verses Burial

//Cremation urns verses Burial

Cremation urns verses Burial

When we lose a loved one it is so very painful and so hard to be left with a decision of where to bury your loved one. Some have planned wishes, but some choose not to think about it while living and the family is left with the decision of a forever resting place.  When choosing burial first what funeral home, Not like we hang out there and know these folks personally, well some might, but not most, then next where to bury your loved one, then the cost of both, then what kind of casket, cha ching. adding up fast. Then.. what will your loved one wear for the receiving of friends, celebration of life. then the night/or day comes for the receiving  friends and family to say their goodbyes. Stressful and sad but lots of hugs and good to see you been a long time. after that seems like forever event time to go have some food and get some rest. Then lets do it all over again the next day for the funeral. Then it’s all over. buried resting in peace. So then how often does one get visitors while resting in peace? Lets go by and see Nana today and take some flowers…. ugh it’s to cold, it’s raining, it’s on the other end of town… We will go next week, next week comes and goes… So those are just some of the things to think about when choosing burial verses cremation and choosing an urn, first, the thought of burning a loved one is awful to think about at best. if the loved one has not specified that is their wishes and your left with that decision ugh,,, though one,, one thinks ashes to ashes dust to dust.. might give more of a soothing feeling to the decision, so the decision is made to cremate your loved one, you have to choose that perfect place, not like we hang out there either. Then what vessel would we want for our loved one to rest forever. We look for that special vessel…. here come the question.. wood box, ceramic urn, glass urn, what would we want on it? Just their name and the dates? OR how about something that every time we looked at it we smiled because we choose an urn that best suited your loved ones life’s passions while they were alive, say they loved fishing, hunting, boating, bird watching, the list goes on! But the best part about choosing cremation and placing our loved ones ashes in an urn is the fact they are there with us. We can visit them anytime, talk to them anytime, glance and grin at that artful tribute that has them written all over it. As if they rest and live on. Another thing that is to be considered is it much cheaper,  win win.. but either way it is a personal decision. always done with much love and consideration.

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